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Premium Messaging Platform For Your Business

Thinking about how to marketize your business information with millions of uses world-wide in just one click. Give your business the much needed push and boost by employing the services of Promotional SMS, Bulk SMS Services We have built up an easy and effective platform designed to send Bulk sms services. Send millions of promotional, transactional, implicit, Explicit messages, reminders, OTP, and alerts with a click. Connect with your customers through our high delivery SMS and user friendly API services at affordable costs.
We provide the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that help businesses to reach out to as many people as they want, anywhere in the world. It helps to potentially enhance and generate higher conversion rates compared to that of any other mode of communication. The more personalized your messages, the higher is your chance to achieve conversions. Through crisp yet effective sms services, you can connect with your target audience effortlessly and get them to perform whatever actions you want by adding short URLs or other call to action parameters.
We’ve used industry specific best practices to satisfy over millions of clients. We also provide you the flexibility that gives you the freedom to send SMS from anywhere at any time. All that you do need is simple internet connectivity. The entire mechanism is meant to be used with relative ease and you can of course attain the services at very affordable rates. Using very simple steps and at extremely affordable terms, you have a chance to reach out and broaden your horizon.

Why to Choose Us?

  • TDI Online Services is a leading bulk sms services provider in Jaipur. We offer best bulk sms marketing services.
  • Our goal is to provide a simple platform with instant delivery in real time in an affordable way.
  • We have thousands of clients in almost all the business sectors of the economy who are taking advantage while using our services.
  • Our main focus is on instant delivery, genuine report, & maintained transparency in the cost effective way.
  • Give us a chance to prove ourselves and become TDI Bulk SMS as a game changer for your organization.

Types of Bulk SMS Service

  • Transactional Bulk SMS Service-

  • These SMS are used for conveying certain urgent and necessary information. It can be used to communicate with the clients for sending different SMS updates as well as alerts. These messages are typically non-marketed and non-promotional, meaning that the text message is triggered by the action of the customer and conveys personalized details of a transaction between the business and the customer.
    For instance, if your business does an online financial transaction, then you can send an e-receipt to your customer through a transactional SMS. Earlier most company's use only promotional messages to marketize their products or services, but now in this new era the focus has shifted from promoted communication to informative communication guiding customers along the customer journey.
    Transactional routes are also used for sending OTPs as well as alerts to the registered users and these types of SMS can be of high-speed delivery. Customer actions like sign-ins, payments, and more can be verified by sending automated OTPs.
    Around 80% of consumers prefer to track their orders via text when products are shipped. In this way we can say that SMS become a game changer for your business.

  • Promotional Bulk SMS Service-

  • No other service can take the place of promotional bulk sms service in the market, as it is the most easiest yet affordable tool to marketize your services. It makes your marketing more effective & boost your client's experience.
    It is used for sending promotions and offers to the new prospective customers and the existing customers also. The customers can be easily updated about the new offers that are in the store and all the latest information can be passed to the customers in just a matter of minutes.
    The main objective of sending promotional SMS is to generate interest and is completely dedicated to marketing and promotion of the organization.
    If you are aiming to derive high traffic to your website or any other online portal, then you must consider promotional SMS is your best-friend to create new leads for business in a very cost effective manner.
    The non-critical SMS can be sent easily to a large number of customers in promotional SMS and the messages will be delivered in no time.

Services We Provided

Given its opt-in nature, Bulk SMS doesn't infringe a customer’s privacy, while relieving business owners of the uncertainty regarding the receipt of their message by the customer. Bulk SMS is highly reliable, and thus, one of the most commonly used methods of conveying promotional or other crucial information.

  • Validity Lifetime

    Basically, When customer purchases Bulk SMS, it comes with lifetime validity plan.
    where SMS are valid for a very long time until it get used.

  • Sender ID as per DLT (like: TDISMS/TDICRM/TDIHRM)

    A Sender ID is a unique name that shows in the “from” field of your text messages on your phone and We help User to get Sender ID by doing DLT Registeration.

  • Guaranteed Lead via SMS

    Because via Bulk SMS recipients are notified instantly, and text messages usually have a better chance of being seen and bring leads for Business

  • DND and Non-DND Filter

    Our Bulk SMS Panel allows users to send SMS to DND and Non-DND Numbers by filtering.

  • Remove Duplicate Number

    Our Panel also allows the Users to Remove Duplicate Number just to help avoid losing SMS credits.

  • All Routes 100% Delivery

    The success rate of its delivery is almost 100 percent. Also the response ratio is also equally high.

  • Responsive Web Panel

    User will use the Bulk SMS Panel to send messages. And Interface of Panel is very user friendly and responsive.

  • Group Option SMS

    TDI Bulk SMS panel also give you option grouping and saving numbers as a group to send messages again and again.

  • Scheduling SMS sending

    TDI Bulk SMS Panel gives User comfort of scheduling messages on future date and time to be sent.

  • Personalized / Dynamic SMS

    Here User can send personalized messages with Name and other details.

  • Instant Activation

    SMS Panel get instantly activated.

Affordable Pricing

Our Bulk SMS Service Pricing Details

25000 credit

Silver Package


(16 paisa/sms)

  • 100% Delivery

  • DND Refund

  • API Available

  • Lifetime Validity

  • DLT Registration Free

50000 credit

Gold Package


(15 paisa/sms)

  • 100% Delivery

  • DND Refund

  • API Available

  • Lifetime Validity

  • DLT Registration Free

1Lac credit

Diamond Package


(14 paisa/sms)

  • 100% Delivery

  • DND Refund

  • API Available

  • Lifetime Validity

  • DLT Registration Free

5Lac+ credit

Premium Package


  • 100% Delivery

  • DND Refund

  • API Available

  • Lifetime Validity

  • DLT Registration Free


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